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12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza: Author Interview & Giveaway - Jo Treggiari

the author

Jo Treggiari is the author of Ashes, Ashes.

I was born in London, England but grew up in Canada, Roccasinibalda, Italy and California.Somehow I found myself on the beautiful south shore of Nova Scotia, where I now live.
I used to work in the music industry and eventually owned my own indie record label. The first CD we ever put out was by a gangsta rap group. We also did alt rock and punk.
I have trained as a boxer. I could have been a contender. (Not really).
I started writing stories for my little sister when I was about 8. Often I would rework fairytales so that the princesses had a little more grit. Then I would write them out on white paper, roll them up and tie with a red ribbon.
Later on in high school I penned personalized naughty limericks by request.
I love dogs and octopi.I blog. And I enjoy baking desserts. I am a tattooed person.
My first book, a middle-grade fantasy THE CURIOUS MISADVENTURES OF FELTUS OVALTON, came out in 2006. I am thrilled to be working now with Scholastic, Inc. My post-apocalyptic adventure YA, ASHES,ASHES will be published summer 2011.
I've just finished a punk rock YA- FIERCE and am working on an urban fantasy, BRINY DEEP. 

Chocolate or other candy?

TV or movie?

Cake or pie?
    Cake although I like to bake pies for my husband.

How would you describe Ashes, Ashes to someone who hasn’t read it or heard of it yet?
In a near-future New York City devastated by global warming and killer pandemics, 16 year old Lucy 
Holloway struggles to survive in the face of constant danger.

I thought that Ashes, Ashes seemed realistic in the fact that an epidemic something that could truly happen.  What inspired you to write this novel?
    Writers are weird creatures. We’re inspired by everything. It was a combination of worrying about my    
    kids’s futures, bird flus, the price of gasoline, the Indian Ocean tsunami, and having to rescue scores
    of snapping turtles from the highway one summer.

Are there any plans for a sequel?
    I would LOVE to write a sequel! I have a companion book figured out which goes deeper into Aidan,
    Sammy and Del’s pasts and brings even more danger to Lucy’s world. Let’s hope I get to write it!

What was your favorite part of writing Ashes, Ashes?
    The action sequences were fun. I trained as a boxer so I have some understanding of fighting, but I
    also know that a punching match usually devolves into wild hitting, and most high school kids are
    untrained in combat. I really wanted to keep it real. I also,--well, ‘enjoyed’ isn’t the right word, got
    really into researching the tsunami scene. One of my dearest friends almost died in the Indian Ocean  

Are any of the characters based on or influenced by someone you know?
    Grammalie Rose is based on my Italian grandmother. I used to pick beans and potatoes with her in
    the Orto until my back screamed. Everyone else is a combination of familiar characteristics and totally
    made-up stuff.

How do you feel about E-Readers?  Do you think they help the industry, or hurt it?
    Although I don’t have one- I like the feel and weight of paper books- I think they’re great. Anything
    that keeps people excited about reading is a GOOD thing!

If you had a book club, what would it be currently reading — and why?
    Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Such a gorgeous, wonderful book.

Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?
I’m a little tripped out that I have fans, but I want to thank all my readers for reading my book. I hope
    it entertained you!

What is your favorite part of the holiday season?
    Snow. I grew up in California and used to drive hours up to Tahoe every winter just so I could get my
    snow fix. Now in Nova Scotia, I only have to open up my front door. Seasons give structure to the
    year…not that I don’t get tired of wind and rain sometimes.

If you could celebrate the Holiday season anywhere in the world, where would it be?  Why?
    My family lives in Europe so if I could celebrate the holidays anywhere it would be with them either in
    England or Italy. One of the hardest parts of growing up and having kids is when you decide to move
    somewhere for them that takes you away from the rest of your family.

Thank you Jo for joining us and taking the time to be interviewed!

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  1. Jo's Italian Grandmother
    Thanks so much for this giveaway!!

  2. It's really cool how Grammalie Rose is based off Jo's Italian grandmother!



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