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Review: Solid by Shelley Workinger

Solid (Solid, #1)

Title: Solid
Series: Solid #1
Author: Shelley Workinger

Publisher: Createspace
Published: July 9, 2010

Format: eBook
Source: From the author in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads Blurb:
Teens who discover they were secretly genetically altered before birth are brought together at a classified site where they forge new friendships, find love, develop "super-abilities," and even unearth a conspiracy.

My Thoughts:
When I first read the blurb for Solid  by Shelley Workinger I thought it would be something interesting and different from my normal reads.  I usually shy away from books that have a science aspect to them since it doesn't usually interest me.  With that said I am so glad Workinger approached me to review her book on my blog.  It was a pleasant surprise! 

At first while I was reading the prologue I didn't know if I was going to like Solid.  However, once I got past that I started to really enjoy it.  The prologue is definitely an essential part to the story.  It gives the reader a sense of what happened to these teenagers that they are trying to discover themselves.  

The story focuses around a small group of friends with the main character being Clio.  These teens are trying to discover what happened to them before they were born and what it might have done to them.  Clio is the one that truly brings things into focus and encourages the group to question things and begin to figure out what really happened and if the government is behind it all.  

The teens end up discovering that they all have some sort of special ability that is the result of this experiment.  As they begin to come to terms with this they develop amazing friendships/relationships with one another.  They are finally accepted by their peers and able to trust each other.  The group is able to work together to discover how the government is truly involved in this whole scenario.  

Shelley Workinger did a fantastic job writing this novel.  It is a fast paced read that is easy to follow.  You are able to easily connect to the characters.  I found different aspects of myself in each of them.  There are some great plot twists that keep you interested and the story is interesting enough to keep you reading until the end.

In the end, Solid by Shelley Workinger was a thoroughly enjoyable read.  It is a fabulous start to a great series and I can't wait to read the rest of the books.  I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a fun read with a different theme behind it.

My Rating:



  1. I really want to read this. I love books like this!!


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